What People Are Saying:

"This cooly penetrating film honors women who address the reality of their lives with ferocious eloquence...Outstandingly potent" - Wall Street Journal "Never have I seen a more courageous and frank film. The egregious social dehumanization of fat women would be impossible to maintain if it was widely circulated; the stories of these women are touching, heartfelt, and deeply moving. Their struggles are real, and these living, loving women have nothing to do with the harmful mythos of stupidity and laziness surrounding obesity. 'All of Me' grapples with the (often fraught) conversations surrounding weight loss surgery with inexhaustible compassion. If only the world at large had half its empathy." - Kaye Toal
"All of Me is an emotional film that brought up many memories of my own experiences pre- and post- surgery. These women's stories really exemplify so many of the challenges that people deal with--both with being obese, and with losing a lot of weight via surgery. The film does a wonderful job exploring how surgery changes more than just bodies--it changes relationships. I hope it is widely seen by those considering surgery, those in the process, and the providers who provide it." Dr. Brian Sabowitz, MD, FACP, CCD, bariatric surgeon and WLS patient
"We were so excited to recently host Alexandra Lescaze and her movie "All of Me" in Shreveport. We used the screening as a support event for our patients and an opportunity to have a panel discussion about life after bariatric surgery.  The movie was very well done and so frank. It showed the real struggles of those who suffer with obesity both before and after weight loss surgery.  We were all moved by the lives of these women." - Katy Merriman, Surgical Specialists, Shreveport, LA "Emotions filled the room during the showing of All of Me, from laughter to tears to surprise. All of Me is the intriguing story of the elements of the weight-loss journey we don’t communally talk about but always linger in the shadows of our struggles with obesity. It is truly a story of love, loss and last resorts" -  John Archibeque, MSN, MBA, CBSGL, RN, Bariatric Surgery Program Coordinator, The Bariatric Center at St. David's North Austin Medical Center, Austin, Texas  


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