Packed House in San Antonio!

On January 8, 2014, Judy, Marty and Zsalynn attended a San Antonio screening hosted by New Dimensions Weight Loss (Dr. John Pilcher’s practice (who is in the film).
Judy reports: “By the start of the movie we had a packed house. Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie and, as usual, several people described the film as “emotional” and “moving.” The post-movie Q&A went very well. It lasted 75 minutes and could have continued on all night if the cleaning crew hadn’t chased

If you have spent anytime with me since my weight loss surgery, you heard me talk about my “tool belt”. Throughout my adult life, I felt that a wall existed between me and being healthy. I found climbing the wall or completely tearing it down was too difficult (a subject for another time). However, I could knock out some bricks and build a door. My belt needed to hold every tool I would need to make that opening. Some

My Biggest Surprise after Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)

Between talking with former WLS patients, attending WLS support groups, looking for a funding source, attending counseling, researching doctors, and studying books on WLS, it took me two years to get ready for my weight loss surgery. I was confidence that I was prepared for anything.
I choose to have gastric bypass so my weight loss after surgery was quick. With each pound loss, I would rush to share it with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who would