Dawn has a multi-faceted and very interesting life. She has traveled extensively and has several interests including gardening, working with clay and collecting antiquities. One of her passions in life is ensuring that, when possible, she can speak for others who can’t be heard. This was one of her main reasons for doing this documentary. People of size are, generally, not heard or, if they are, their opinions or concerns are not taken seriously. She hopes that, through the documentary, she and the Girls can speak for many and change people’s opinions of those who live within the fat culture and offer new perspectives about what it’s like to be fat.

Dawn happily lives outside of Austin, TX, with her 3 cats – Crackers, Noodles and Bear Bear and is continually in search of the best burger in town.



Judy is a 52-year old Social Worker turned Systems Analyst living in fabulous Austin, Texas. Her husband describes her as “Amazonian….large in body and in personality.” Being 6’1” and large-framed, Judy has always stood out in a crowd. Upon meeting Jeff Bridges while he was filming a movie in Austin, he shook hands with Judy and said “WOW…I guess they do grow them bigger in Texas.” Being judged because of her size has always been something Judy has dealt with. Judy socialized with activists in the size acceptance movement but she chose not to be an activist herself. Instead, she fought against discrimination of all sorts in her professional and private life. Judy hopes her appearance in All of Me willserve two purposes: research for others on their own weight loss journey and an affirmation that weight loss has three components: physical, mental, and spiritual.




Zsalynn grew up on a large ranch in the Texas hill country before attending college in San Angelo, TX and then moving to San Antonio. In 1992, she became active with NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance). She was a card-carrying member and attended their yearly national conventions all over the US, made many life-long friends, and soon began to consider their national conventions her “family reunion.” In 1997, she appeared on the cover of Dimensions Magazine; from that appearance she made many more friends.

In 2001, Zsalynn met her current husband, an import from Wales, online, and in February 2002 was married. In 2004, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Hannah who she considers to be her greatest achievement to date. She currently lives with her husband and daughter in San Antonio, Texas where she is currently searching for work.