New Year….New Beginnings

We’re now twelve days into the new year and, as every year for me, it’s time for following up on learned (positive) behaviors and hope that the new year allows me to gain more insight and practice new patterns. This holiday season was especially difficult for me for many reasons (unemployed, marriage dissolving and the winter blahhhs), but I was able to pull through and hold my own and still lose a staggering 8 pounds in the process!

Apples, Pears and Oranges — and I’m not talking fruit salad here!

One of the things I’ve decided to do (now that I’m back on track with weight loss) is to dedicate a specific time to exercise and get myself moving. If you’re like me, there are times where exercise is the last thing in the world you want to do and, like me, you’re able to come up with 50 reasons why NOT to excercise vs 2 good reasons to get off your butt and do something about it. Until very

Weight loss gains and losses….

This past spring and summer has been awful for me. I gained 33 pounds during the later part of the spring and, after switching doctors and being able to get a decent fill (after a year and a half of being frustrated with the fill process), I’m now almost at the point where I can say the 33 is gone and I’m back on the losing track.
During the year and a half that I remained stagnant, I saw

NPR Reports BMI’s are O-U-T

Here’s an interesting take on the validity of BMI statistics and whether or not they truly reflect a person’s level of obesity. If you’ve ever applied for life insurance and you were rejected, it’s probably because of your health statistics — including your BMI rating. It’s interesting that this “test” is as old as it is — I thought it was something Met Life dreamed up in an attempt to include more folks as uninsurable and would include them

Accepting Those Yearning to be Free

This past week, just a few days before the reopening of the torch, I visited Liberty Island and Ellis Island in New York harbor. The shear number of people who were making the same trip was pretty amazing. Seeing folks from all over the world who, like me, wanted to be where, the foundation of our freedom, reigns supreme. It is here you see the true meaning of melting pot — folks of all races, ethnicity and