The Great Obesity Debate Forges On

Here’s an article that discusses a new perspective on levels of obesity and the numbers associated with an individual’s BMI. There’s been a long-term debate within the fat community regarding whether or not an individual can actually be “fat and fit”. It appears that studies aren’t always in agreement. Some researchers believe the concept of having a BMI greater than 30 automatically predisposes the person to a life of doom where others profess that being fat and fit is a true possibility.

I found this article pretty interesting on many levels — firstly, that it was coming from a Canadian study whose results pretty much debunk the myth that fat folk can never be healthy at an unhealthy weight. Secondly, it challenges the current BMI standard and questions the possibility that the numbers may not always be a true representation of a person’s state of health.

Take a look at this article and post what you think….



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