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“Weighty Matters” Effectively Communicating About Weight and Health

I just attended this first-ever meeting of the “obesity people” and the “eating disorder people” and it was amazing!
Finally, they are coming together and seeing their similar mission and message.

Here’s their description: (or click for link to flyer)
How should we be talking about weight, size and health? Are we missing the mark?
Join our impressive panelists, a unique mixture of leaders from the media, communications, eating disorder and obesity fields. Increasing public concern about the rise in obesity has led to societal confusion about what’s healthy and has created an unrealistic pressure to be thin. Coming together for the first time, this panel will make recommendations on how to effectively and responsibly communicate the connection between health and weight to the public. This roundtable will also address current perception, dialogue and images in media and entertainment which may be resulting in an increase of body image issues, eating disordered behaviors and obesity.


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