The Movie

Thanks for Looking!

Thanks so much for taking a look at ALL OF ME. All of us who have been involved with the project are thrilled to know that so many folks who have had weight loss surgery, are contemplating WLS or have family/friends who have had some kind of weight loss procedure have identified with the piece. The documentary is our attempt to let folks know what it’s like to be a big person living in a small (thinking) society, how WLS affects your life (both for the positive and negative), and to inform folks how difficult it can be to get smaller — even with tools to help you with the process. We share our stories with a heartfelt feeling of knowing there are others, like us, who have had victories, had setbacks and are trying to change our lives to be healthier and more content people. We invite you to leave your comments, tell us your story, and to tell others about our project. Closer to the release date, we’ll be sure to announce when/where the entire piece can be seen. Again, many thanks for your comments and continued support!



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