Marion Nestle on the world’s first fat tax

Enviably healthy Denmark is leading the way in taxing unhealthy food. Why are they doing it, and will it work
THE Danish government’s now infamous “fat tax” has caused an international uproar, applauded by public health advocates on the one hand and dismissed on the other as nanny-state social engineering gone berserk.
I see it as one country’s attempt to stave off rising obesity rates, and its associated medical conditions, when other options seem less feasible. But the policies appear confusing. Why

Jezebel: Fifth Person Dies After Lap-Band Surgery At Shady Clinics

Fifth Person Dies After Lap-Band Surgery At Shady Clinics
In December it was reported that several people died after responding to ads posted around Southern California for 1-800-GET-THIN, which connects potential patients to several medical centers. The clinics fall into a “regulatory no man’s land,” and at the time several government agencies said they didn’t have the authority to investigate. Now another woman who had Lap-Band surgery at one of the facilities is dead.
The L.A. Times has been covering the

Austin’s own: Ragen Chastain

by Gwen Sharp
Please welcome guest blogger Ragen Chastain of Dances with Fat. Ragen is a corporate CEO, choreographer for and a principle dancer in Fat Bottom Cabaret, and a three-time National Champion partner dancer currently seeking her first World Professional title; but all of that pales in comparison to her greatest accomplishment – learning to love her body. She is a strong advocate for Health at Every Size, and she unwaveringly believes (and is

Sex and the Fat Girl

A little over two years ago, “World’s Fattest Man” Manuel Uribe married his fiance Claudia Solis to the clucking dismay of fat haters everywhere. How could she be sexually attracted to someone so fat? How do they even have sex? When the answer to the latter question came in, you could almost see the horrified faces: His friends constructed a “sex ramp” that enabled him to consummate his marriage. The idea of fat people having sex has long been a

NYT Op-Ed today: “Playing with the Band”

Obesity can kill, but when people are not at immediate risk of fatal illness, the F.D.A. does them no favors by giving its approval to an implanted medical device before it has been adequately tested.
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