All of Me is a “Don’t Miss” Film at LA Film Fest!

All of Me was named one of 22 Don’t Miss Films at the LA Film Fest! Check out the video below:

We’re honored to be in such great company! You can check out all the other staff picks here.

All of Me will premiere at the LA Film Fest in June 2013!

We are so excited that All of Me will premiere at the LA Film Festival on June 15th! There will be two screenings, June 15th & June 16th, both followed by Q&As with Alex, Zsalynn, Judy, and Dawn. You can get
tickets through the LA Film Festival’s website here.
Can’t wait to see you there!

The diet industry and low-wage work–two passions combined!

Tammy Williams became a Weight Watchers leader in Texas five years ago after losing 97 pounds in the program. The supplies that she handles fill a bedroom in her home, and she holds four meetings a week advising more than a hundred customers about the diet regimen.
The problem, Ms. Williams said, is that she works so many hours and is paid so little. “They know my love for the program, but I can’t say we’re treated right,” she said.

Watch this anchorwoman take down a bully who called her fat

If you want to learn more about the actual correlations between weight and health and the associated myths that lead to bullying and bigotry like this, check out The Fat Nutritionist.

New season of Biggest Loser to feature overweight teens

Host Jillian Michaels told Al Roker:
“The producers of the show have been consulting some of the top experts — pediatricians, child psychologists — to help us deal with this in the most delicate and appropriate ways. For example, we won’t be saying things to kids like, ‘How much weight did you lose?’ It’s about getting them healthy, using words like ‘healthy.’ We won’t be getting them on a scale; it’s about getting them on a softball team — things like