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Very impt: It may be healthier to be fat and fit than thin and unfit! Can we stop all the dieting yet??

More Data Suggests Fitness Matters More than Weight. Read the NYT article here

An LA Times writer speaks about her own experience being a fat kid

But here is what I know about being a fat kid: It is at least as much about your head as it is about what you put in your mouth.
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A mathematician has found that overproduction of food is behind America’s weight problem

an excerpt: Did you ever solve the question posed to you when you were first hired — what caused the obesity epidemic?
We think so. And it’s something very simple, very obvious, something that few want to hear: The epidemic was caused by the overproduction of food in the United States
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Obesity rate may hit 42% by 2030

says USA Today cover story today

Know what’s in your chicken?

not just antibiotics but Tylenol, caffeine, benadryl and arsenic, oh my!