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Surgery for Obese Children?

The New York Times
HOUSTON — One callous question turned Brittany Caesar into a medical pioneer: “Why do you eat so much? It’s not normal.”

Kevin Smith: The Face of Flying While Fat

The director finally brought the humiliation many of us feel when boarding an airplane out in the open

This summer’s new fatty TV programming

Check out the Salon review by blogger Kate Harding:
Look at the fat girl:
Is plus-size programming like “More to Love” and “Drop Dead Diva” empowerment, exploitation — or both?

NPR Reports BMI’s are O-U-T

Here’s an interesting take on the validity of BMI statistics and whether or not they truly reflect a person’s level of obesity. If you’ve ever applied for life insurance and you were rejected, it’s probably because of your health statistics — including your BMI rating. It’s interesting that this “test” is as old as it is — I thought it was something Met Life dreamed up in an attempt to include more folks as uninsurable and would include them

Time Magazine: Bariatric Surgery: Does the Weight-loss procedure work?

Today’s article says someone (not clear who) is beginning a long-term study of patient outcomes. This is very good news, if it’s a good study…
“That may change with BOLD, the Bariatric Outcomes Longitudinal Database, the first repository of patient information and outcomes related to bariatric surgery”
Only patient data from the ASMBS’ Centers for Excellence make up the data…