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The Atlantic has a new big piece on obesity

THERE IS A WAY to beat obesity. But it is radical and expensive. No other diet or weight-loss approach is remotely as effective as bariatric surgery. Most people who seek it out have tried everything else. Many of them can pinpoint the moment they concluded that they had no other choice.

from Glamour

Imagine You Are the Daughter of a Supermodel.
Now imagine you weigh 330 pounds. That was real life for Zulekha Haywood, and this is how, somewhere between size 26 and size 6, she found body happiness.

“Weighty Matters” Effectively Communicating About Weight and Health

I just attended this first-ever meeting of the “obesity people” and the “eating disorder people” and it was amazing!
Finally, they are coming together and seeing their similar mission and message.
Here’s their description: (or click for link to flyer)
How should we be talking about weight, size and health? Are we missing the mark?
Join our impressive panelists, a unique mixture of leaders from the media, communications, eating disorder and obesity fields. Increasing public concern about the rise in obesity has led

Business Week: Fat Surgery Urged for Obese Kids May Boost Allergan Profits

A device made by Allergan Inc. this year may become the first gastric band cleared by U.S. regulators to be sold to children as young as 14. For Allergan, the approval may open an avenue to as many as 2 million new customers…
Food and Drug Administration approval would limit Allergan’s legal liability, said Ken Cacciatore, an analyst for Cowen & Co. in New York. It may also push insurers to help pay for the procedures, which can cost as

After the Diet: Counseling helps keep pounds off

From the New York Times “well” blog…an old post but just found it…
Dieters are more likely to lose weight and keep it off if they have contact with a weight-loss counselor, a new study shows.