The Movie

Comment from Dr. Anita Johnston, PhD

“Wow! This documentary does an incredible job of identifying and bringing to light the invisible forces at work beneath the more obvious struggles with eating and weight disorders. With compassion, humor, and a keen eye for subtle and hidden truths, Alexandra unveils the inner and outer worlds of those living with disabling weight — revealing ironies and complexities that are more than skin deep. This is the film that can help rid our culture of the last

status report on the movie

hey-thanks for all your great comments-and questions about when the movie will be out. The answer is I don’t know for sure. We will be shooting again this month and probably for several more months to come. So, maybe a year until it’s finished? Please sign up here on our site for email updates because we will definitely send out word about the release and when it may be playing in your city. We may even upload new video as

Thanks for Looking!

Thanks so much for taking a look at ALL OF ME. All of us who have been involved with the project are thrilled to know that so many folks who have had weight loss surgery, are contemplating WLS or have family/friends who have had some kind of weight loss procedure have identified with the piece. The documentary is our attempt to let folks know what it’s like to be a big person living in a small (thinking) society, how